Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely cinsidered to be kind of a magical treatment. On the other side numerous people are sceptical about its effects due to the extensive media campaign. In this article we try to take an objective stand on what is this plant and what is it not, and what is it good for if it is good for anything at all.

What is aloe vera exactly?

The term aloe vera involves more than 300 species of which there are numerous ones that are beneficial for our health. There are dozens of cosmetic products that list aloe vera among their ingredients. It is included in certain pills, creams or even drinks. Aloe Vera has been long recognized for its effect of speeding up the healing time for wounds, especially burnt scars. It has mainly been applied externally. The main component of aloe juice is uronic acid and there are more than 200 other components that have been successfully identified, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrate. Numerous research are claiming the presence of enzymes that are inevitable for life, however the effect of these enzymes is strongly questionable when consuming aloe vera internally. As the stomach is an acidic environment and enzymes – like amino acids – are destructed by acidic environment, it is very likely that these enzymes are unable to make any positive effect when consuming aloe vera orally.

What can aloe vera achieve?

Aloe vera is known as an excellent fertilizer, killing all fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is vey effective at treating inflamed surfaces, moreover it is a great antioxidant, stimulating the metabolism process of cells in the body thus rejuvenating, clearing and detoxifying the skin. Papers have been published on its pain killing effects, and it is also widely mentioned in association with the reinforcement of the immune system. Due to the above effects it can be effectively used with inefficiencies like: allergic reactions, conditions of the skin, mosquito bites, joint conditions like rheumatic disorder, diabetes, inflammation of the intestines and eye diseases.

So what backs up all of that?

The question remains: are these effects true or just parts of a maketing campaign? The very same question makes subject of numerous debates among medical professionals. The doubts are mainly seeded from two different sources: one is the lack of proper, statistically proven testimonies on behalf of aloe vera, the other being the magical slogen that aloe vera is simply good for everything – that is just too nice to be true. Several products are simply incapable of delivering appropriate effects, as the amount of aloe vera is less than enough to take effect or is simply missing. What is inevitable though that nothing so far has been published on the harmful effects of aloe vera so at worst we can state: aloe vera worths a try!

Why do we have it in Breast Acties?

It makes part of the ingredients because of its positive effects on the skin. The enlargement process of the breasts takes a lot of strains on the breast tissue and we included aloe vera to elimnate all that stress. If you are intrested in the other ingredients making up Breast Actives or in a detailed explanation on how its components act together to make en excellent natural breast enhancement supplement click here!

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