At-Home Beauty Tips

Easy beauty tips

Are you desiring curly hair?

Try with paper tissue: cut it into strips, fold and wrap it up tight. Divide washed hair into thin strips, wrap up, and apply a hair styling balm.

Breast lifting:

There is a lot you can do to avoid sagging breasts! Make the following effective practices: sit upright, place the palms together. Bend your arms. Palm press, hold for about five seconds, and then loosen again. Repeat several times each day. Alternatively you can try Breast Actives, that is an all natural breast enhancer, to make your breasts firm and round.

Spoon for curing tired eyes?

Insert two spoons in the refrigerator, or even right to the freezer. Then, place the convex side for five minutes onto your eyelid. Meanwhile, very gently, move from top to bottom for the first time, and then from right to left.

The secret of good breath is Parsley.

It is effective against dried mouth as well. In the future do not leave green decorations intact on the edge of the plate at the end of the meal, as it contains High chlorophyll concentrations, which can indeed help getting rid of mouth smell.

Hair drier against the stiff neck.

When your muscles are strained heat can do plenty of good even if it comes from a hair drier. Hair tied up, and heat the firm muscles. Meanwhile, keep a distance of at least 10 cm.

Lemon juice strengthens the nails do not discard the twisted lemon!

The perfect setting for a complementary massage to the nails. The tightening effect of lemon, whitens discolored toenails and makes the cuticles lovely and soft.

Sea salt peeling.

With sea salt you can get rid of Scleroderma on the feet and toes. Once again it becomes soft and smooth. Mix three tablespoons of salt in a little milk, to obtain a dense mass. Soak the foot in warm water for at least five minutes, and then vigorously rub it with the solvation. If you need help apply a nailbrush.

Facial cream for damaged hair ends:

Fragmented hair endings and there is no special balm at hand? Don’t let hair endings start to separate, give them a revitalizing massage with a little facial cream. It stabilizes them.

Apple instead of toothbrush:

There is no toothbrush at hand? It does not matter! After a meal, in exceptional cases, take an apple. Thorough chewing stimulates saliva production, massages the gums and removes food particles from your teeth.

Honey softens the lips:

Fine, sticky, and thanks to its high fructose and grape content it is ideal for keeping your lips hydrated. In addition, it contains anti-inflammatory particles, which accelerate the healing of smaller wounds. Dry lips become soft and silky smooth in no time. Grease with upper and lower lip with a little honey and spread it evenly.

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