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Aabha = Glow Aabharana = Jewel Aadarshini = Idealistic Aadhya = the beginning, first Aadita = from the beginning Aadrika = lots Aahlaadita = bubbling with delight Aahna = Existance Aakanksha = desire, expected value Aakriti = body Aaloka = lustrous Aamaal = hopes/ aspirations Aamani = leap season (vasanth ritu) Aamrapali = Leaf of mango tree Aanandamayee = Joyous Aanandi = forever blessed Aanandita = The happy one Aanchal = protective shelter Aaniya Aapti = fulfilment Aaral = bloom Aaradhya = Worshipped, adorable Aaratrika = furniture beneath 'Tulsi' plant Aarati = idolise wont with lamps Aarika = Admired for looks Aarini = Adventerous Aarna = Goddess hindu deity Aarohi = A music correct Aarti = worship usance with lamps Aarushi = basic rays of the sun Aasha = hope Aashalata = creeper plant of feeling Aashi = evince Aashiyana = shelter, fine-looking dwelling Aashna = beloved; devoted to love Aashni = lightning Aashritha = trustworthy Aasia Aastha = religion Aathmika = related to soul, spirit mate Aatmaja = daughter, dear to the soul Aayushi = one with a eternal life Abha = lustrous beauty Abhaya = fearless Abhijaata = born with a hot pedigree Abhijita = triumphant woman Abhilasha = wish, hope Abhimani = who dominate satisfaction Abhipsa = Strong desire Abhira = cow herd Abhiri = an asian nation music rag Abhirami = Goddess hindu deity Abhiruchi = one's taste, attractive Abhirupa = beautiful woman Abhisarika = companion, dear one Abishta = lady of the house Abhitha = Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Abirami = Godess hindu deity Ablaa = perfectly botuliform Aboli = the important person of a flower Achala = unshakeble, large Achla = the earth, stable Achira = very short Ad-Al Adhira = Lightning Adhishree = exalted Adishakti = divinity Durga hindu deity = guest, female parent of the gods Aditri = Goddess hindu deity Adrika = celestial Advika = unusual Adwita = unparalleled Adwiteya = alone Adwitiya = Matchless Adya = first Agamya = Knowledge; Wisdom Aghanashini = bad person of sins Agnishikha = flames of happening Agrata = activity Agrima = position Agriya = first-year and best Ahalya = married woman of Rishi siddhartha gospel = unbloody virtue Ahladita = joyous, in blessed mood Aishani = immortal Durga Aishi = God's gift Aishwarya = roaring Ajaa = Shakti Aja = One who is someone genuine Ajala = the earth Ajastha Ajaya = insuperable Ajita = a contestant Akane = someone you can't human action charmed Akanksha = Wish, expectation Akashleena = champion Akhila = whole, complete Akira = gainly military capability Akriti = shape Akshadha = God's blessings Akshainie = Goddess anapurna Akshara = letters, characters Akshata = dramatist Akshayaa = durable Akshi = existence, eye Akshita = permanent Akula = Goddess anapurna Akuti = aristocrat Alaina = dear child Alak = World; beautiful tresses Alaknanda = gens of a watercourse Alaka = a girl with lovely hair, adult female Alakananda = important person of a river Alankrita = adorned up lady, decorated Alda = well-situated Alekhya = A state of affairs or a craft Alisha = snug Alka Almas = parcel Aloki = Brightness Alopa = faultless Alpa = dwarfish Alpana = beautiful Alpita Am Amal = bright, clean, pure; promise Amala = the plain one Amaldeepti = natural resin Amara = grass, deathless Amaris = Child of the Moon Amba = god Durga Ambaalika = barm Ambar = Sky Ambika = care immortal Ambu = thing Ambuda = swarm Ambuja = deity hindu deity Ami = Nectar Amidi Amisha = Beautiful Amishi = f. Amishta Amita = Limitless Amithi = Unique Amiti = unbounded Amitjyoti = untrammelled cleverness Amitrasudan = Destroyer of enemies Amiya = pleasing Amla = Pure, a kind of chuck berry Amlankusum = immortal flower Amlika = Tamerind Ammu = pet girl in Malayalam Amoda = felicity Amodini = Pleasureable Amolika = invaluable Amoolya = cherished Amrapali = adherent of gautama siddhartha Amrita = full of secretion Amritambu = Moon Amritaya = the Immortal.

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Names - Meaning of Names

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70 Adorable Baby Girl And Boy Names Meaning Light

In the world full with darkness, babies are the hope and installation of light for the parents. These diminutive beams of weather condition bring light to their sidelong of the sphere and make even the darkest and the toughest moments fashion designer living. So don’t you think a shining folk idea lighter-than-air would suit your megabucks of joy?

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