Beautiful and healthy facial skin with black soap

If you are having skin problems, and open to all sorts of panacea and natural herbal product made from raw materials, black soap must sound familiar.

So what is black soap?

Basically we are talking about a medium-hard vegetable aroma soap, which includes, added oils (such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil or Palm oil) and is made in Africa. Much of the original recipe has been modified in all versions that are available on the market, such as the liquid black soap, but basically, the product is natural and chemical-free, whose color varies from black to light brown.

Image of one of the best natural soaps

What is it used for?

Black soap has deep-cleansing and demulcent effects, so it’s a great solution for acne and sensitive skin. It can be also applied in case of inflammation, stings and rashes. It is also suitable for dry skin: it removes dead cuticle, restores the optimal fat production and can even soften chapped skin. If it may dry your skin (as a general rule for most soaps), you might want to use a minimal amount of natural moisturizing cream made from raw materials after facial cleaning.

Basically, however, it is recommended to all skin types, especially for oily skin it is the perfect choice: following only a few times of facial cleaning there is a serious change, and making regular use of it, it works for the skin almost like a miracle. Easy to use: make soap foam on your pre-watered faces, and you can rinse it after one-two minutes.

Anything else?

Some specialists also suggest using it for treating hair, however, we should only experiment on our hair with soap that is exclusively made of herbal and raw materials. By adding one or two drops of tea tree oil in it, it makes an excellent shampoo which can be developed into a hair gel which is great against greasy hair, hair-loss and is even recommended for dandruff. As for the cleaning of the skin, it is an especially recommend product. There is no agreed solution in regards to how to you use it: it’s worth to try, everyone will see what the best for her hair is, using it as a shampoo or as a hair gel. Experiment to see which version is the most effective. This soap is a skin-friendly and does not cause allergy.

Some useful tips for the usage:

The solid soap is not allowed to stand in water, because it is easy to melt, become unusable. Many of us have prejudice due to its texture, appearance and smell, but you can get used to it, because the result is really visible. Black soap is a true panacea: it is worth a try!

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