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Here you can read reviews on Breast Actives natural breast enhancement program, the number one program wordwide. These reviews are written by our customers, if you are one please feel free to add your own review and help others discover the benefits of this product.

Breast Actives reviews on other sites:

Finding reviews throughout the web is not a difficult task. With this natural breast enhancement program becoming increasingly popular, and available worldwide, many websites deal with the effects, the ingredients and various aspects related to the usage of Breast Actives breast enhancer cream. So the problem is not the shortage of related material, rather lack of time and the lengthy descriptions provided, so you do not have enough time to filter out what is indeed important and credible, and what is not.


We did our own research on the topic, so you can read a short summary here, of what customers write on all the other cream review sites. We do not deny that Breast Actives bad reviews exist, and we did not eliminate those from our summary. Rather we try to dig deeper and examine the possible causes, which might have led to the cream and the pills failing to take effect. Not every bad review is due to inappropriate usage though. This product does not make a promise to work for everyone, although it would not offer money back guarantee, and could not have become the most popular non-invasive breast enhancement program worldwide, if it did not work for the majority of customers.

So what did we actually find in our in-house research?

For most of the time customers are happy with the results that they have successfully achieved. This is not surprising: every woman would feel depressed if they have a small breast size but they are imagining themselves in above D bras. Tons of positive reviews show that the combined application of the breast enhancer pills and cream is actually capable of delivering the desired results. If you do not forget to use them daily, follow the diet plan provided in a small brochure that is included in the package, and regularly do the massage and the minimal exercise plan also detailed in the brochure, you have good chances that you can be the next costumer sending us a positive Breast Actives review.


Ok, that is it for the positive side, after all you are purchasing in a hope that everything will work out as expected, and you will actually be able to trash all your old bikinis, as the upper part just won’t fit. But what have happened in all the cases with the negative reviews? Is this product really so selective in who it is working for? Truth is that taking a closer look reveals that for most of the time bad reviews go hand in hand with short time usage. Many women complain at the end of the first month about not seeing the results. Honestly they cannot be judged. When I buy new shoes or a nice dress, I simply just cannot wait for the first time to wear them. Simply rushing to see yourself in your new outfit is part of our nature, we want to have it in that particular moment. Natural breast enhancers are not haute-couture though. It is not a pre-manufactured merchandise that you can buy and wear it at once. It has to take its time to deliver its effects. Imagine what would happen if you gained a letter plus in a night and you would end up with strains all over your chest. You would not want that, would you?


Most of the positive Breast Actives reviews that we found on the web were written when the author had been using the product for at least two or three months. Although if your body is responsive enough you might see results much earlier, but for the majority of customers, this is the time you have to wait, keep the diet, do the massage and the exercises, apply the cream and take the pills.

A short Breast Actives cream review:

The cream is generally for treating your skin during the usage. As the inner tissues are continually expanding your skin is under a lot of stress. Breast Actives cream is there to help the skin expand, feeding it with natural vitamins and minerals like vitamin E.

About the pills:

The pills are responsible for triggering the growth. Although our product is famous for containing only herbal ingredients, and neglecting any added estrogen boosters, these herbs are capable of elevating estrogen production in your body. This is the safest way to go as your body does not get overdosed with extensive amounts. Estrogen induces a puberty-like state and bumm, your breasts are already growing.
For a detailed description on the supplement kit please read our dedicated page!

Customer reviews and nothing else:

Below you can read some of the reviews that are from our own customers. We apply a strict policy so you are not able to publish anything on our page by submitting an online form and verifying that you are human. We go further than that. We only publish those reviews that are from actual users, our customers, who did indeed keep up application for the time necessary. Then and only after then are we accepting to publish their Breast Actives review, be it good or bad.

Real customer reviews:

  • Jim
    September 18, 2013
    Hello. My wife has used Breast Actives and I can say that we are both happy with the results. The ingredients were the final plot that convinced her, that the product should not have any side effects. She has reached a permanent and nice result. Thank you!
  • Abbey
    October 24, 2013
    Hello I am Abbey. -I simply love this product, also sent my picture to the before and after. I am past 30, have two children and i think most women like me need something to tighten their confidence. I started to feel the difference in the third month only but than it started growing fast and now i am fully satisfied with my size and shape
  • Melanie
    October 29, 2013
    Melanie here, I have been using the program for 2 months. At 1 month noticed a slight improvement and now in the second month i am beginning to feel the real difference. Measured at 34 small B
  • Marie
    November 15, 2013
    Hi Marie here. BreastActives has worked wonders for me. I am 2 1/2 months into the program and am very pleased. My breasts are fuller, firmer and perky. I am 48 and my breasts are actually heading North!
  • Anonym
    November 19, 2013
    I am in third month now and there is a difference. WOW :)
  • Judith
    November 29, 2013
    Listen, Angeline. Everybody is different. Differenr products work for different people. I am kinda lucky, I have a great booldflow all over my body. All the diet I did was restricting coffeine. The workout stood for an hour long walk every day that is all wy neccessary for everyone. I took the pills the exact same time every day and i used the cream always the same time. if you are lucky like me you can feel the effects immidiately although I read several reviews that stated people only feel effects in the second or third month
  • Angeline
    December 29, 2013
    Hey Judith, I'm thinking of trying it however I don't really want to spend money on something that might not work. I would like to hear a real review. I don!t know if bad reviews are from people not keeping the diet and not doing the exercises, or the good reviews are from salesman. I would do the exercise, keep the diet but i need to read a real Breast Actives review
  • Judith
    January 29, 2014
    This product is absolutely amazing! I ordered the six months amount and needed only 4 month finally. My breasts started to grow on the third week! At first I was a bit scared as the growth was a bit uneven, but it rounded out nicely in the end. So now I have a D size and a 2 month extra supply