Treating damaged hair

The most common problem that plagues the lives of many of us is fragmented hair. What can we do about it? Are home-made hair balms the perfect solution? They may be, provided we use them on a regular basis.


nice and shiny hair

Herbal cure for shiny hair:


10 g chopped rosemary,
100 ml coconut oil
10 g dried chamomile
(These amounts are for long hair, for short hair, half is enough.)


Boil the chamomile, the rosemary and the oil for half an hour above steaming heat. After cooling, fill it into a bottle, and then close down, let it stand still for a week. During this time, the active ingredients from the rosemary and the chamomile make their way into oil, so when reheated, we can filter out solid particles. The cold and filtered oil forms a jelly-like material. Use your fingertips to apply the jelly onto your hair, then massage into the scalp, and comb your hair throughly. Wrap your head in towels, and wait for half an hour. Give it a good thorough rinse several times. Do not panic if the oil proves to be too sticky! You can remove it effectively with two-three teaspoons of apple vinegar.

Egg treatment:

Effective help in case of dull hair: egg is a great natural polisher.


1 egg yolk,
a tablespoon of honey,
10 g of yeast


Mix the egg yolks with honey and yeast thoroughly, until an even mass is obtained. Put it into the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Before using it, stir up the mixture and apply it onto your hair-endings. About half an hour later rinse it thoroughly, first with cold and then with warm water.

Greasy hair:

Against greasy hair vinegar and water is an excellent antidote. Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar into 1 l of water. Perfectly cleans, and gives brilliant shine to the hair. Contrary to the popular belief, washing your hair more often does not make it greasier, firm rubbing does. That is why when washing your hair, just gently rub the shampoo into the scalp. Whenever you can, ignore dryer. This makes your hair seem like washed just minutes ago, for a long time.


Dandruff has a million causes. For most of the time, the pollution of the atmosphere is responsible for it. What can we do against the nasty white stripes? Fast and efficient help for the scalp is mint. Tea is also perfectly applicable. Soothes the skin, reinvigorates and fertilizes. Eliminates the unpleasant itching. Apply after each wash, stir it into the rinsing water.

Home-made hair dye. Possible?

If you do not want a drastic change in your hair color, only more vivid and shinier hair, than it is not worth to buy anything in the shop. Here are some easy to implement fresheners which are fantastic for intensifying our natural hair color.

For blondes:

The secret lies in Chamomile. You may want to obtain a Chamomile shampoo and a Chamomile based rinsing brew. The result: up to several shades lighter, golden hair. (This is obviously not for those with a darker hair color.) Lemon juice is also effective at making our hair color lighter. Handle with care, it can damage the structure of the hair because of its acidity. Rather, use it for a few strings only!

For dark hair:

Boiled Sage juice makes your hair gradually browner. It delivers spectacular results in the long term, so it is worth to use it on a regular basis. Elder fills your original hair color with a warm, velvety tone. It is advisable to freeze some for the winter, so you can use any at time of the year.

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