Vitamin e for your skin heart and brain

Vitamin e is an antioxydant that is resolvable in fat. It generally protects our body from harming external effects, through protecting the membrane of individual cells. It also slows down the process of aging.

As being a great oxydant, free radicals establish connection with it sooner than with cells in our body. Free radicals are a by-product of the regular metabolism process of our body, they are always present. If our metabolism process speeds up like after exhausting exercising, more free adicals are produced due to the extensive usage of oxygen. These free radicals may harm muscle tissue, cause pain and fatigue. According to certain research vitamin e is effective in protecting against these symptoms because of its antioxydant effect.

Why is it good for the heart and the brain?

Through protecting the coronaries that are the main vessels delivering blood the the heart, vitamin e prohibits the forming of blood cluts, thus effectively protecting against stroke, heart attack and trombosis.
The cells protecting the nerve cells in our brain contain a lot of fatty acid that are equally prone to free radicals’ harming effects. Vitamain e helps to keep up a healthy balance among these cells, protecting against Alzheimer’s disease for example.

Vitamin e also backs up our immune system, reducing the probability of infections. It reinforces skin tissue, speeds up wound healing and protects red blood cells against extarnal harm.

Vitamin e is especially important for those prone to air pollustion. Air pollution reduces the absorption of vitamin e in the body, on the contrary it is very effective in reducing the damaging effects of air pollution. The lack of vitamin e in male can induce infertility and the reduction of sexual apetite, while in female it can harm pregnancy or even lead to miscarrying.

Vitamin e is a genaral protection to the body. Its lack does not induce any of the above symptoms directly however its presence is effective in protecting against them.

Why is it present in Breast Actives?

It protects breast tissue when your breasts are going through the enlargement process. It protects your skin to remain smooth and tight. In many cosmetic products it is used to rehydrate dried skin. It is effective with even the dryest types of skin getting between the skin layers rehydrating those at once. It makes yoour skin naturally youthful and glittering. In Breast Actives it is used to lift, fill up and reinforce your breast tissue. It is effective in protecting against strias, extreme dryness and even effective for treating sunburnt.

Good sources of vitamin e:

Among the most valuable resources you can find oily seeds like almond hazelnut and walnut. It can be found in sunflower oil and any other natural plant oil like olive for example. Unlike other vitamins that are resolvable in fat it is stored in our body for only a short period of time, thus making its regular substitution necessary.

Due to certain research there is no such thing as overdosing vitamin e. Even consuming it in excessive amounts for a successive amount of time is without negative effects. You have to be careful however when applying it with vitamin k as both affect congealing time of the blood.

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