Ways of surgical breast enhancement

Breast enlargement with plastic implants

Breast enhancement is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The first surgical breast enhancement took place in 1964 in the USA. The advantage of applying silicone breast enhancers lies in the development the breast surgery methods are going through continually, producing more beautiful results with less risks. Breast implants come in every shapes and sizes, so everyone can choose the one that exactly fits their personality. The downside of saline filled implants is that though they do not have an expiry date they do have to be replaced in certain intervals. Breast enlargement cost might just be another thing of concern as the better the plastic surgeon the more expensive to surgery costs.

Fat transfer breast augmentation

Fat transfer breast enlargement has been surrounded with plenty of questions. For a long time the results achieved with fat transfer could not be predicted. A bigger breast size has almost always been achieved but nobody could be certain about the results. Another factor that had to be considered was that the transferred fat contains adult stem cells that increase cell production. If these stem cells happen to be transplanted in the neighborhood of cancer infected cells, the consequences cannot be predicted. Questions has been answered and though fat transfer serves ground for numerous research today it is already an established an certified method of breast enhancement surgery. The procedure takes less than a day and the fat is being transferred in the form of a breast enhancement injection.

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